Everything is a lesson in life

Gyudon!Quicker,Cheap,Tasty 3 Big famous fast food in Japan


Are you looking for quick, reasonable, yummy food in Japan? Then, I will be able to help you to find where to eat!   There are a lot of fast food chain that makes you confused to choose in Japan… Today, I’m going to show you just 3 big famous gyu-don place.   Yoshinoya (吉野家) I think this is the biggest Gyu-don chain in Japan and I found this chain in South east asia as well. The price is cheap, you wouldn’t wait for long time after ordering and taste is decent.   Price Go to home the below page […]

The reason why I decided working holiday

Working holiday will change oneself in the past for better or worse.   I’ve come to able to use English, I’ve come to have lots of friends from all over the world, I’ve found purpose of my life.   I became more honest and serious to me than anyone else.   I lost purpose of my life in Japan When I was working in Japan, I had to do and finish everything I recieved, even if I hate it. and I had to say “yes I can”, even if I feel that I seemed not to be able to do […]

【Australia Newcastle】 It might help you to find out where to live, where to play in NEWY

I’ve lived in Newcastle for 9 months. So I can introduce Newcastle for you! Newcastle is the second largest city in NSW where is at 3 hours north from Sydney by train. I was thinking that it will be difficult to get fine job in big city which is very competitive place. then I finally reached here Newcastle. When I visited here first time, I had no idea what’s going on, where I should live, where I should play. I needed the information. So Now, I’m going to introduce city and suburbs in Newcastle Because I’ve lived in NEWY for […]

【Philippines Davao】 A secret resort; Mati You can play surfing as well! I will show you the place, how to get there and price

Today, I’m going to tell you about Mati Dahican surf resort where you will feel tropical, private, relax. It is still quiet and only few people know about this place. So, Now is the time to visit and enjoy here. Mati Dahican Surf Resort How to get there from Davao Main tranceportation:Van※There is a bus as well but once a day. The bus will take longer than Van so I will introduce you Van this time. Root:G-mall → Mati terminal → Dahican surf resort We move by ban between G-mall to Mati terminal We move by tricycle or bike between Mati terminal to Dahican […]

【Philippines Surfing Resort】 You should also go those place if you ever go to Siargao!

Siargao island where is the famous about surfing,   so many surfer are coming to here from all over the world some might believe that Siargao is just for playing surfing   but there are also the other places to have fun in Siargao! I’m gonna show you the fun places where I visited.   Sapa sa Maasin River This is located at middle of Maasin river. You will find the clearest water in there and the reflection of sunshine makes water much more beautiful.   Long time ago, Some people tried to discover treasure here But They couldn’t find […]