【Australia Newcastle】 It might help you to find out where to live, where to play in NEWY

【Australia Newcastle】 It might help you to find out where to live, where to play in NEWY

I’ve lived in Newcastle for 9 months. So I can introduce Newcastle for you!

Newcastle is the second largest city in NSW where is at 3 hours north from Sydney by train.

I was thinking that it will be difficult to get fine job in big city which is very competitive place. then I finally reached here Newcastle.

When I visited here first time, I had no idea what’s going on, where I should live, where I should play. I needed the information.

So Now, I’m going to introduce city and suburbs in Newcastle Because I’ve lived in NEWY for 9 months eventually.

Hopefully, It will help someone who is searching about Newcastle.

City and Suburbs


This is main city of Newcastle as you can tell.

There are two big street called Hunter street and Kinngstreet.

Those street have lots of shop, cafe, restaurant, hotel.

Recently, The tram was opened and Newcastle will be getting bigger.

Newcastle west

It’s called Newcastle west, but I think the city include Newcastle and Newcastle west.
There is train station called Newcastle interchange and you can go to Sydney from this station.

the rent of house will be high, but also there will be many opportunities for job as well.

The hill

This place is located on hill, That is why they called here The Hill.

Those house are built on the slope. You’d have to climb this slope when you go back home.

but The hill is just next to the city, so You can easily come back home by walk even if you got drunk.


It is little bit far from city, It is about 5 mins by car.
There is fancy street where is called Hamilton street.

There are unique restaurant, cafe, bookshop…

Almost everything you need is organized here.

In personally, I think it will be nice to live here because there are fancy street, close to city. There is delicious Korean restaurant too.

The Junction, Merewether

It is far from city by walk. It takes 10mis by bus or car.

There is normal size shopping mall at the Junction. So, you don’t have to go to city to buy food. and It close to Bar beach and Merewether beach.


It is far from city, You need to take bus for going to city.

There is no big shopping mall. Small shop and restaurant open at main street.

You don’t need to go city to buy food but you might need to go city when you want to play or do something.


Kotara is also needed bus or car to go city.

but there is big shopping mall West Field.

If you want to go to city, It will take 20 to 30 mins by car or bus.

but there will be job opportunity in big shopping mall.

So, you might get job in there and you would became that you don’t need to go to city.


This is the largest shopping mall in Newcastle.

It takes 20 to 30 mis from city by car.

but everyone come to here to play Bowling, watching movie, having a dinner.

You will like this place as I like.



I think Newcastle is calm place campare to Sydney.

There are many young people from university and TAFE.

but still chilling place.


You can go around Newcastle by bus mostly.

You might spend money for transportation if you live at suburb.

but recently, the tram is opened. It might help to save money.


I heard that the population of Sydney is too much now,

So one of them will go away from Sydney come to Newcastle

which means Newcastle will be much more developed.