Gyudon!Quicker,Cheap,Tasty 3 Big famous fast food in Japan

Gyudon!Quicker,Cheap,Tasty 3 Big famous fast food in Japan

Are you looking for quick, reasonable, yummy food in Japan?

Then, I will be able to help you to find where to eat!


There are a lot of fast food chain that makes you confused to choose

in Japan…

Today, I’m going to show you just 3 big famous gyu-don place.


Yoshinoya (吉野家)

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I think this is the biggest Gyu-don chain in Japan and

I found this chain in South east asia as well.

The price is cheap, you wouldn’t wait for long time after ordering

and taste is decent.



Go to home the below page to have look the price.

Yoshinoya menu (english) 


If you have 500 yen which is about 5 dollar,

You can have Gyu-don!

and here is some tips to eat much more tasty.


There is secret customize system.

You can choose the amount of rice, slice beef and soup to eat.

You can adjust Gyu-don to your appetite, favorite taste.


This is how to say when you want to customize.

When you order Gyu-don, You should also say this word.


Tsuyudaku means more soup than normal.

So, If you order like this, You will get Gyudon with lots of soups.

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Atama ohmori

It mean you will only get Beef more and keep rice normal amount.


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It mean that you can get Gyu-don without soup.

If you don’t like soup, and prefer to eat just beef with rice.

This is for you.

cited from: http://www.えらびかた.com



If you order this, The Gyu-don would come to you as up side down.

I mean the rice would be up and Beef would be under the rice.

cited from : ごちそうさまでした.jp


Above all is just one of customizing and it is free for customizing

even if you order them.

the timing to oerder like this is when you oreder gyudon.



You can say that I’d like to have Gyo-don with tsuyudaku.

something like that. Please try to eat new ways.


Matsuya (松屋)

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What the biggest different between Yoshinoya and Matsuya is

if you can have miso soup as free.

If you go to Matsuya and order something, then,

You will get a free miso soup!!


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For me, It’s very important! since I’m Japanese who is miso soup lover!!

You might get hangover after weekends then,

you will want to have some salty food.

This would be one of option!!


Go to Matsuya and get free miso soup!

and Ofcurse, There is Gyu-don and others which are quite similar to Yoshinoya. 

I think you don’t have to worry about which one is best beef.

In my opinion, both are same.



Here is the price below.

Matsuya menu (English)

and I’m not sure if they understand when you said “Tsuyudaku” in Matsuya. But just give it try!!



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So, This sukiya and two other, We used to call BIG3.

Nowadays, We have lots of type of Donburi chain in Japan

much more than past 10 years.


But Sukiya still has big share in Japan.

When I think about sukiya, I will remember Gyu-don right which has tofu instead of rice.


It is so much healthy!

I would recommend it when you want to eat rightly.


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There are so many menu and toppings which is cheese, spring onions, egg…

You can customize as much as you want!

oh, but it will bit cost though.


the price would be like this.

Sukiya menu (English)


There are lots of fast food in Japan, Not only McDonald and KFC

but also Japanese food chain.

If you are interested in it, But not sure if it is okay.

I hope this article will help you to decide and enjoy it!!