【Philippines Surfing Resort】 You should also go those place if you ever go to Siargao!

【Philippines Surfing Resort】 You should also go those place if you ever go to Siargao!

Siargao island where is the famous about surfing,


so many surfer are coming to here from all over the world

some might believe that Siargao is just for playing surfing


but there are also the other places to have fun in Siargao!

I’m gonna show you the fun places where I visited.


Sapa sa Maasin River

This is located at middle of Maasin river.

You will find the clearest water in there and the reflection of sunshine makes water much more beautiful.


Long time ago, Some people tried to discover treasure here

But They couldn’t find the treasure and finished.

After long, This place became beautiful.


At first, You might get cold when you are in the water.

But once you get to use to it, It will be awsome!

I recommend people who are lookinng for relaxing place surrounded by nature.


How to get there

It is little bit far from Cloud 9.

So you need to hire motor bike.


It will be 40 mins from Cloud 9 by motor bike.

Going to Maasin Bridge


You will find padding area under Maasin Bridge when you arrive.

Please check following picture.


It is really important to get balance when you hop on this boat.

you will be told where to sit by boat staff.

and They will support you to hop on boat, you don’t have to worried about it.


If you want to take photo while you are hopping on boat,

You’d better to protect phone, camera from water by cover stuff.


It will be about 20 mins from Maasin Bridge and will arrive destination!!



Motor bike : 500 peso / 1day

Boat :  2~5people for 500 peso




This is excactully 100% nature pool!


I heard that there is limitation for swiming because of tide

Luckly, It was really calm pool without any big wave when I was there.

and It was so nice color of emerald green.


You can jump into pool from big rock and I saw so many people did it!!

and you can sit down and take a rest beside pool when you get tired.



If you walk through the pool, You will see this huge rock!

It has huge scale that I can’t express by photo.


If you visit to Magpupungko, I recommend to come this huge rock too!


How to get there

It will be 30 mins from Maasin River by motor bike

You will find big sign board saying Magpupungko

and then you are going to turn that corner.


You will arrive at Magpupungko after turning corner soon.


Entrance fee : 100pesp/person


Siargao Circumferential Rd

This is not visting spot but this is awsome place

where you can see philippines huge nature and

you can drive one way road by high speed!


This is located between Magpupungko to Sapa sa Maasin River

If you have a time, I want you to stop here and see sight at least once!




I of course enjoyed surfing at Cloud 9 too,

But I’m bignner so It was enough to play surf for 1 hours.


Then I decided that I will go to inland to have a look what’s going on

and I found the inland is as beautiful as beach side

and there are so many activity

I’m really happy to have a look this side.


It is awsome to drive bike without traffic surrounded by nature.


I still have lots of place I’ve never been to

If you come to Siargao,

Not only surfing, but also traveling inland

It might be awsome experience too!!