The reason why I decided working holiday

The reason why I decided working holiday

Working holiday will change oneself in the past for better or worse.


I’ve come to able to use English,

I’ve come to have lots of friends from all over the world,

I’ve found purpose of my life.


I became more honest and serious to me than anyone else.


I lost purpose of my life in Japan

When I was working in Japan, I had to do and

finish everything I recieved, even if I hate it.

and I had to say “yes I can”, even if I feel that I seemed not to be able to do that.


I was thinking it is right thing

and I believed that it will grow up me in the future.


At daytime, I tried to get information from other department

as much as I can by meeting,

In overtimes, I put all information together and design new machine.


I sometimes had to work on weekend as well to modify machines.

Because those machines are used weekdays at a manufactory.

I can’t touch those machines.

That’s why I had to modify the machine at weekend.

Moreover, We had to work with few people because working on weekend

will be much cost.


I got Just two day for modifing, I felt it’s tight schedule.

Working time depends on how much things to do.

Sometime I have to stay all day (nearly 24 hours).


Even though I finished modifying on weekends,

I will have to go the manufactory from morning to check if that machine is okay.


If there is some problems, I have to fix it as soon as possible

because we can’t stop production for customer.


Even though We desperately produce new automotive,

the company don’t evaluate our effort properly.

My salary is little changed.


Boss only said to me “good job”.


I was getting lose time to think about myself while I receive lots of work.


I’ve kept such life for 5 years.


They believe that an engineer needs 5 years to be good engineer in general,

In the 5 years, even if you did very well,

They don’t care about it because they think he did well by chance.


I worked as main leader with coworker finally.


I’ve come to be able to do lots of work,

but my life style is still hard.


My company changed rules like trying to cut cost,

we have to predict and report how much overtimes will be this month at beginning of month.

the chore stuff also puts burdens on my work.


I couldn’t afford to think of private, I’ve come to live for the deadline.


I was like what I am doing here when I realize.


I’ve lived in dormitory but I had to leave after 5 years

but the company don’t give us allowance for it after leaving.


So, simply I will have to pay the rent for new room.


But company still has strong seniority wage system.

and there were 5 more senior woker front of me waiting for promotion.

If They promoted one by one year, My turn will be 6 years later.


I couldn’t stand up anymore.


What is working holiday?

I met a schoolmate of high school.

It’s been a while since I met her before.


I was bit nervous to meet her because I had no idea what I should talk.


She has been to USA for 1 year and she can use English well.

She work at translate company as translator. 

As she said, She didn’t get work straight away after uni, instead,

she broadened her mind by travel for 1 year.

Then she finished travel and finally got translator position.


I realize if I can use English well, that will be real skill.


She obviously understood what she want to do and she looked like happy.


We talked about a lot and I let her know what my job is.

I complained about it and I told her that I get worried about my future.


I knew that is not solution but just complained about company.

She was really kind to listen to me.


This is how I usually get lose frustration

and I try to reset my mind for next week.


Then she suddenly said

“Why don’t you do working holiday?”

I was like

“What is working holiday?”


This is the first trigger to think about working holiday.


I haven’t known what working holiday is and

I was really hooked into working holiday since then.


I was actually interested in overseas and that’s why I chose the company.

Because the company has lots of branch in the world.


But They don’t like young person who doesn’t have enough experience to go overseas,

They usually chose middle young worker; (30’s) to go over there.


I feel that I don’t have power to choose by myself and the company choose better person for business.


It is no doubt that working holiday is the best chance for me.

You can do whatever you want, working, studying, travelling for 1 year.


From that day, I started to search many information of working holiday as many as I could.


Made up my mind and anxiety

I found lots of bad information about working holiday as I searching.


The most topic of working holiday was “After working holiday” problem.


When you finish working holiday and go back your country,

you’d find difficulty to get good job

because most of company will think working holiday is just holiday,

this is not career.

So, I checked website that there are so many people who regret the experience of working holiday.


I was thinking I should not do working holiday

because of those negative information.



and I thought I was too old to go to adventure without guarantee.


At age of 28, pepole who around me will get married, give birth.

I thought I also have to think about my future decently.


I cared about what they think of me.


but circumstance of my company doesn’t change.


I could not forget about working holiday.


What will happen if I keep working here? I asked myself.


Nothing change.


I eventually became positive,

like so then I decided to really enjoy working holiday,

I should be the one who is most enjoy working holiday.


Even if it is difficult to get good job when I back to Japan,

I will think about it later when I back to Japan.


This is my conclusion.


I would never tell what correct answer is until I did and

Current situation is not going to change even if I care about it.


So, that’s why I decided to do working holiday with hope and anxiety.

This was about 1 year before I go to Australia.

Now, next

Working holiday themselves don’t dramatically change life.

It might be limited to find good job again.


But in this 2 years, I spent life for just myself,


I got my life back.


I have to live in any situation.

Now, I’ve come to be interested in the situation and

I’m pretty sure I can do it.


I got lots of experience which I have to tell and share.


I really want to share my WH experience for people who are thinking about working holiday same as me.

and I want to tell them correctly what working holiday is.


I knew there are so many people who are interested in Japan and

If Japanese is much more closer to the world than now,

I think it is going to be much more fun and excited!!


I want to do something I can do for it.


I will live in better life with experience of WH.

Thank you for having me working holiday!!